About Us

P & S Research LLC is a premier clinical research center that has board-certified medical professionals as well as a trustworthy and dedicated staff. We have a commitment to research excellence and personalized patient care. It is our mission to work with patients to find future treatments to ensure better human health.

The needs of patients are always the priority. P & S Research LLC is committed to helping patients overcome illness and prolong their life expectancy. In the process of achieving this goal, we undergo clinical trials where we look into possible cures and preventions for known diseases.

Our medical team is composed of experienced medical practitioners who have a deep understanding of the clinical trials and research studies for emerging drugs and treatments. As a team, we practice our core values in all operations, and in every patient-related matter that we deal with:


We, as an organization, will conduct observational studies, clinical trials, and interventional studies which will lead us to more enlightenment in developing treatments or medical procedures. Ultimately, we hope to acquire sufficient data from our trials and studies that will be determinant in the dispensing or distribution of the drugs to the public through licensed medical practitioners who prescribe them.